When working with Clements Retail, you are guaranteed a beautiful design and an innovative approach to retail fit-out

We work very closely with all our clients clients, architects and retail designers, to make sure we deliver dynamic and inviting spaces, based on a design that reflects their brand vision and provides an edge on the competition. Every fit out we develop is based on a unique concept and has a beautifully integrated degree of innovation. Each and every retail fit out bears the Clements Retail trademark, which is an indication of a bespoke and unique retail environment.

Whether developing a single piece of bespoke furniture or a complete environment, our clients and partners count on us for our manufacturing knowledge and technical know-how. We ensure the full completion of any project we are tasked with and we have an eye for perfection. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, everything from the initial stage to the very final touches of the fit-out stage will flaunt a certain elegance and beauty.

We believe every retail environment should beautifully convey a brand story and guide the customers through an exciting shopping journey.

Clements Design and Innovation
Clements Design and Innovation


We partner retail clients, designers and architects across diverse projects: –

  • Household Design – Christian Louboutin
  • Pentagram – Alexander McQueen
  • Architecture & Associes, Paris – Lanvin
  • Archi-Tectonics, New York – Ports 1961
  • Househam Henderson – Bottega Veneta
  • Formation, Japan – Asics
  • Kramer Design, New York – Jennifer Lopez & Michael Kors
  • 212BOX, New York – Christian Louboutin
  • Forever 21 in house design team
  • CLS, Milan – Michael Kors



  • Michael Kors in house design team
  • Wanda Creative – Aelia (Watermark Books)
  • Core Design – Urban Outfitters
  • Arte Charpentier, Paris – Ports 1961
  • Bt/g4 Arquitectura, Barcelona – Jones New York
  • Marika Chaumet, Paris – Repetto
  • Matthew Williamson in house design team
  • Kevin Thornton Associates – Balenciaga
  • Found Associates – Temperley
  • David Collins Associates – Alexander McQueen