Acrylic Fabrication

At Clements Retail, acrylic fabrication can be escalated to an art form. Our acrylic team have both the talent and abilities to create a wide range of customised designs using the latest machining and processes including – CNC / Laser machining, engraving, heat bending, vacuum forming, drape moulding and various bonding techniques such as UV and solvent cementing. Working with a variety of materials including acrylics, PETG’s, polycarbonates, high impact styrene and PVC – in a myriad of colours, finishes and thicknesses, we work together with our clients to realise their design ideas.

We have a highly experienced team of machinists and fabricators who can overcome design challenges to ensure we achieve a quality product which is innovative, functional and meets the client’s creative and budgetary objectives.

Clements - Manufacture & Installation - Acrylic Fabrication