Environment designed by Household Design

Christian Louboutin, Selfridges, London
Christian Louboutin, Selfridges, London

To herald the launch of Europe’s largest women’s shoe salon at Selfridges, Christian Louboutin, together with Clements and brand environment specialists Household, designed his most intimate shoe experience yet. The 600sq ft bespoke boutique is the anchor concession to a roll call of the world’s most luxurious shoe brands to be found at Selfridges Shoe Galleries.

The idea behind the new Selfridges space is based on the notion of “…if we were to take Christian Louboutin’s Parisian Apartment as inspiration for this concept design, what would it look like?”.

Clements along with London based Household worked closely with Christian Louboutin, to interpret and bring his vision to life creating The Apartment. Entering The Apartment provides a unique insight into the world of Christian Louboutin. It sets out to be both sumptuous and seductive, inviting customers
to kick their shoes off, as much as try a pair on.

The central feature is a beautiful Murano glass chandelier, which was delivered to London in 14 separate cases. The backdrop to The Apartment concept is a statement trompe l’oeil wall offering an intimate portrait of Christian through family photographs and inspired personal artefacts collected from his extensive travels – from Mexican dolls to stone doorways, a wallpaper pattern inspired an antique door made of mussels and sea shells.

As part of the trompe l’oeil, the staircase leading nowhere captures the drama and anticipation of what might lie beyond. The signature red carpet, reflecting the iconic colour that lies beneath all of his shoe creations, takes centre stage throughout, this time with middle eastern-inspired surrounding tiles – giving insight into Christian’s passions and influences.

The store was a move away from the classic Christian Louboutin shop fit, creating something completely different for this particular demographic.