Ketel One Vodka and Sarabande partnered as a result of a shared passion for the traditions of true craftsmanship and unique personal style. Their first collaboration was the creation of this bespoke Ketel One Vodka bar, designed by contemporary artist and Dutch designer Tord Boontje, who used to work with Alexander McQueen. They appointed us to build and implement this new bar station at their new Sarabande Studios on Hertford Road, London, an environment for creativity, experimentation and collaboration, where artists are free to develop their own unique style. The brief was to build a bar that would be visually striking, perfectly executed and to double as a socialising area when not in use. It also had to cater for the evening events comfortably, and therefore to be able to accommodate 4 bar tenders working at the same time to get drinks and cocktails out.

Attention to detail was crucial during the duration of the project, as perfection and sleekness were mandatory in order to achieve the desired look and effect. When implemented in the location, the bar fitted in perfectly within the atmosphere and decor. At the reveal event, everyone attending was impressed with the outcome. The bar looked sleek, perfectly executed and perfectly coordinated with the overall feel of the space. On the opposite wall, Ketel One had a dedicated space where tens of empty bottles were fitted in place, creating a highly impressive effect.

You can read more details about the making of the Ketel One Vodka bar & Ketel One feature wall here.


The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation was created as a charitable foundation to honour the creativity and experience of the world renowned designer Alexander McQueen. The name Sarabande was chosen after McQueen’s 2007 Spring/Summer collection and the Sarabande Foundation was established for all those young and creative minds that Lee McQueen felt that should be given the same opportunities he had enjoyed.

Lee’s idea of ‘giving back’ is the core of the Sarabande’s philosophy, and the foundation was created to provide the required financial support to talented people at graduate and postgraduate level. Sarabande HQ and all their 15 studios were created to encourage the very best creative talent in the UK.